Minnesota’s Bluff Country Destination

OUR MISSION:  “To establish the Historic Bluff Country Region of Southeastern Minnesota as a desirable travel destination, as well as to strengthen and improve the economic base of the area.”

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Hwy 16 Byway Bluff Country’s Yellow Tour

Begin in Chatfield, with the International Band Music Lending Library and Pease Wildlife Museum. Turn west at the stoplights on Co. 2. past Mill Creek Park and cross the Root River. Stop at the wildlife sanctuary on the Fillmore County Historical Society's farm before turning left on Co. 101. Along this route, notice several log homes built from Northern Minnesota and Montana logs. Continuing west on 101, at the next crossroads is an old stone house where the Jesse James gang once stayed. A swing north on Co. 1 will bring you to historic Flugel's Mill, past Pleasant Grove. Or a swing west on MN 30 will take you to Stewartville, with its beautiful golf course and other recreational activities.

Another option is to travel south on Co. 1 into Spring Valley to see Laura Ingalls Wilder artifacts and Washbum-Zittleman House. Take Co. 12 south for a scenic drive to Co. 5. The drive north on Co. 5 includes the historic town of Wykoff. Or continuing on Co. 12 south will take you to Forestville State Park which features Mystery Cave, Historic Forestville, pioneer town, excellent trout streams, scenic horse trails, and hiking and cross-country ski trails. At Preston, turn north on US 52 to Fountain, which claims to be the "sinkhole capital of the USA." You can actually tour one along the Root River State Trail.  Fountain is also home to the Fillmore County History Center Museum & Genealogy Library featuring an exhibit that includes items retrieved from sinkhole digs.  

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