Minnesota’s Bluff Country Destination

OUR MISSION:  “To establish the Historic Bluff Country Region of Southeastern Minnesota as a desirable travel destination, as well as to strengthen and improve the economic base of the area.”

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Hwy 16 Byway Como Falls Picturesque in Any Season!

Hokah, MN

(507) 894-4990



A little city with a rich history is proudly named after Chief Wecheschatope Hokah.  Although founded as a flour mill town, Hokah became widely known for its beautiful bluffs and sloping valleys.  

Como Falls, Thompson Creek and Mount Tom still grace the landscape of this peaceful community.  With a natural swimming pool (celebrating more than 40 years), hiking trails, golf and mini-golf course, and easy access to the Root River, Hokah is an outdoor enthusiast's destination.  Hokah's small hometown way of life is apparent in its many churches, family-supported recreation and customer-friendly businesses.

Hokah Fire Department and First Responders

9 Mill Street, PO Box 312

Hokah, MN  

(507) 894-1500


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