Minnesota’s Bluff Country Destination

OUR MISSION:  “To establish the Historic Bluff Country Region of Southeastern Minnesota as a desirable travel destination, as well as to strengthen and improve the economic base of the area.”

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Hwy 16 Byway Regional Event Calendar

Ongoing Events:

Chatfield - Music in the Park - Thurs 7 pm

Houston - Lawn Chair Concerts - Wed - 7 pm

Chatfield - Last Sunday Jam Time - 3 pm

Houston - Live Owl Programs - Fridays-Mondays

Rushford-Peterson Farmers Market - Wed - 4 pm

Chatfield Growers Market - Thurs - 3 pm

Members…Send us your ongoing event schedule so that we can post it here!

Business members, churches, benefit fundraisers and tourism and service clubs in member communities can submit their events for posting on this calendar

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